The Perfect Cup of Tea ☕️

Growing up in Canada our hot beverage of choice was always tea. Whenever we traveled to the US and ordered tea, it came to us tasting like “dishwater” (as my mother would call it).

There is a correct way to make a perfect cup of tea. I always boil my water with a kettle on the stove. This brings it to the perfect temperature for making tea. I always use a teapot. I never clean the pot out with dish soap; I simply rinse it between uses. This “cures” the pot because the soap can add a flavour you don’t want.

4 cups of tea:

2 tea bags

4 cups boiling water

Bring water to a boil in a kettle. When kettle steams, take it off the heat. Pour some boiled water into teapot, swirling around and then dispose of it down your sink. Add two tea bags to the warmed pot and then add 4 cups boiled water over the tea bags. Cover. Let steep for five minutes. Remove bags with a spoon and discard. Tea that sits too long can be bitter.

You can keep your pot warm with a tea cozy, or with a dish towel. Serve with lemon and honey or some milk.

Hint: Always use your good teacups because you are worth the good stuff!

Let me know if you have any questions or leave a comment.


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