Charcuterie Boards

With any holiday time, it’s always nice to have guests. I love the idea of making charcuterie boards for a lunch meal. They are super easy to prepare, and they look gorgeous when they are done. You will be the trendy chef when you present it to everyone. I made the one above as a meat board. You can totally change this up to cheese by replacing the various meats with various cheeses. Everything else should stay the same

Here’s some ideas I used. Anything really works. You can get several boards and put them across the middle of a table as well.


Sourdough loafs


Pitas cut into small triangles


(Count 6 ounces per person)

Torpedo salami (beef and chicken)

Meat slices



Grapes -red and green

Cherry tomatoes

Dried apricots


Any artisan cracker looks good, like ones with cracked wheat or seeds


Serve these on the board in ramikens or off to the side


Black olives

Green olives

Dijon mustard

Dill dip



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